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Our service began in 2021, and in the coming weeks we will update this page to include all P&L since inception, including detailed ROI and P/L analysis. Our VIP tips are almost always advised on the morning of the day, allowing our members to benefit from BOG pricing (where relevant our tracked tips/PL stats include BOG).

In addition to covering details of all bets placed, we also include weekly ROI analysis with week-to-week profit trackers on the VIP telegram channel for in play months so you can see the day-to-day status.

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2023 P/L Records

All of our VIP tips are fully tracked, and recorded to reflect the accurate experience of our members.


At times it may 'under reflect' some members results as different bookies may offer additional places (this is typically SKY), however, we will always track based on the tip given (reflecting Gurus place advise).

Please click on the month you wish to view.

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