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The Racing Guru is run by a professional tipster from Ireland with over 15yrs experience. Born with a passion for horses from the getgo - he set out to forge connections within the industry so he could grow and develop his innate tipping skills.

In the beginning he tipped for himself, learning and studying the market and developing skills to identify value in the market with great returns. This progressed to sharing with friends and family to help them change their lives safely for the better. Two years ago he decided it was time to share this knowledge within a members group. Membership now sits at 500, with a waiting list for new members.

Over the years he's built strong connections with jockeys, trainers and yards and this level of trust means they have shared valuable feedback and thoughts on upcoming races that give his tipping the extra edge against others.

His tipping style is minimal, typically 3-4 bets a day or less. Low stakes with maximum returns. Disciplined tipping is at the core and so avoiding the pitfalls of others like placing dozens of bets a day...a sure fire way to loose money or get your betting accounts restricted.

He tips accessible bets for all so whether you prefer, Skybet, B365, Hills, Betvictor etc - you will be able to follow all his daily tips. The judgement on which is best will depend if you are pot building (typically Skys odds are lower but have more places), or happy to aim for the biggest odds with BOG pricing etc.

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